Here's my entry for the Rift: Create a Colossus Contest at . I chose the planar theme earth for my colossus charater. I completed this in one night without much thought. Personally, I hate my result. I would have spent more time on it but I need to take priority on school projects rather than this contest. Well, at least I did the contest and got to do something productive out of it.

For some reason, I had the urge to draw the character Vega from Street Fighter. I am about 2 hours in. I will continue to work on him and update very soon. This is done in Photoshop.

I was inspired by my buddies Levi and Alex since they sculpted dragons as well. So I decided to sculpt my own dragon. However, I just did a head of the dragon. I made it up while sculpting. 1 hr sculpt.

I sculpted my instructor's head today. I am about 2 hours in. I will finish sculpting him sooner or later. I definitely need to fix his ears.

Here's another concept vehicle for my senior class project. I still want to tweak these set of vehicles but here's the most current version of them.

I decided to call it finished for this alien vehicle concept. Here it is!