I finished modeling Holstein cow in Maya today. However, lots of tweaking still needs to be done such as fixing proportions, bony landmarks, muscle groups, and gride flow. I hit exactly 8000 tris but I believe I gave too much resolution to the head in terms of grid flow.

I'm currently still working on polishing these vehicle concepts for a class game project but here's what I have so for. My medium of choice is photoshop.

Here is the concept art I came up with for my Dominance War V character. Since the theme is to come up with a god that can dominate any other god, I that have the power to mind control would be the best choice for me. Having the power to control other god's beats any other power unless there's some sort of counter. So I came up with the name Hypnotik(heep-no-tik), the God of Hypnosis. I will elaborate more on his story in the near future.

Here is the wire frame of my character so far. I have 12238 tris. I had exactly 12,500 but I've been finding unneeded tris in areas where the viewer would never see any detail. I will probably use these remaining tris for hair on the pendulum and staff.

Using Xnormal I baked out a normal map and applied it to the base mesh. There is a lot of artifacts in my normal map I still need to clean up but for the most part I'm happy on how's its looking so far. I will soon start texturing.

DW5 Update!
I am almost finished with the body of the sculpt. I will make minor adjustments very soon. Here's what I got.

I have just recently started sculpting in Zbrush for my DW5 Character. So here's what I got so far for the head. I've done some concept art already but I'm lazy right now. Haha! I will post the concept art soon.

So far the description of my god is a god of hypnosis and mind control.