Harban Male Update. I just brought this into Zbrush from Maya and worked on it a bit. Here's what I have so far.

2 min. sketch of outline to a 45 min speed painting. I'm so sloppy! I need to get out of the habit of working on little details first and instead focus on the whole. I know this already in the back of my head but it's something that will only come with practice.

Here's an updated face of the male Harban character after some feedback from my fellow classmates.

Here's a rough sculpt for the Harban Male Character for my Senior Project Class.

The Ocquarian Female character body is pretty much finished. I need to work on the clothes. I will post the base mesh up in a bit.

The image above is the concept art for the this character which was done by Alejandro Anguiano.

Here are 4 renders of the Styracosaurus.

Here's 3 renders of the African Adult Male Elephant.

Here are 3 renders from Zbrush of the African Lion posed using the Transpose Master in Zbrush. All my other models for this project will be posed using Transpose Master for now.

Here are the base meshes for the African Male Adult Elephant, African Male Lion, and the Styracosaurus. Each mesh roughly took less than half a day to create. I will continue to do a series of animals for my internship.
OK. So deleted all my newest posts because I was scared that I wouldn't be able to post it since the images are part of my internship. It turns out that's fine to post my work. YES! So I'm going to re-post everything back up.