Hypnotik Update 2

Finished sculpting his staff. Time for painting!

Pumpkin Carving 2011

I should be working on my portfolio but I was itching to carve a pumpkin this Halloween. The mother asked me to carve a pumpkin for her work place so she lent me a free pumpkin to carve! I thought I could do this real quick but it ended up taking up about 4-5 hours. I hate it. Oh well... I'm satisfied that I got to at least carve at least one this year. Next year I'll do something way better.

This pumpkin is by cousin Jonathan Jacinto who was carving this pumpkin with me at the time. His carving time was about 2-3 hrs. It was his first time carving a pumpkin.

Here are more images.

Hypnotik - Update 1

I never finished my Dominance War character and never got to coloring it so here's my first color pass! This is not yet textured in 3D. I painted on top of a rendered image in Photoshop. Critiques are welcome.

Mr. Mucha's Head Optimized

I modeled and textured my buddy Regan in the past but I never completed the model. I'm now making a low poly model of him. The current tris count for the low poly is 2996.

Ocquarian Wireframe 2

I optimized it a bit more. The tris count now is 7484. Also, I forgot to mention the maps I have so far. They are on a simple Blinn Material. I'll list them.

3 x 1024 maps (diffuse and normal for head, emissive for body)
2 x 2048 maps (diffuse and normal for the body)

Ocquarian Wireframe

I never posted the wireframes for the Ocquarian so here they are. I optimized polycount a little bit more on the very last image if you're wondering. I still think I can optimize but I'll get there later.

Styracosaurus Udpdate 1 - Starting to Paint

I was just about finished sculpting my Styracosaurus a couple months ago but I decided to refine the mesh a bit more for my portfolio. Shorty after refining, I started painting this guy. Here's about an hour worth of texture painting this guy so far. After this, I'll create a game ready mesh of ranging from 7-15,000 tris to bake my texture maps to.

Ocquarian Update 10!

Finished!! For now...haha! Images are once again in Maya's viewport. I still have lots and lots of tweaking to do. I need to fix a lot of the normals and color maps. I still a couple of wonky normal maps but hey look great so far. I will create specular maps later for this character. Now I'm going to get started working on a game ready mesh for my Styracosaurus sculpt! Then texture that big boy!

Also, I based my textures of my buddy Kevin's vehicle for this character!

Ocquarian Update 9

Almost there!

Ocquarian Update 8

I did a little more work today. Right now it's just diffuse and normal maps. I hope I can finish this by tonight or early morning.

Ocquarian Female Update 7

I'm testing out some of my baked maps on my low poly mesh in Maya and I found some to be a little wonky. I've been using a combination of Xnormal and Zbrush to bake out my maps. I need to tweak my settings so that they're baked out correctly. A couple of them don't match up with the diffuse texture I've already painted. It's a set back but hopefully I should be done texturing this character by tomorrow.

Ocquarian Color Variances

Here's two color slight color variances for skin and two new pairs of eyes variants.

Ocquarian Update 6

Here are different eye variations. Starting from left to right is choice 1-4. Feel free to comment on which one eye variation works. I"ll ask for a critique from my fellow classmates on which they like or if none of them work.  

I would like to say I'm finished texturing the body but there's always room for improvement. Now, I just need to texture everything else and bake the maps from the high poly out on to the low poly mesh.

Ocquarian Update 5

I'm having to much fun with this I had to post again. The color on the body is still rough. I was just wanted to test out different shaders/materials for the clothes and armor. I will update this post very soon! Trying to finish this character by tomorrow night!

Ocquarian Update 4

I made some final tweaks to the head. I ran into some drawbacks but I'm back on track.  Still need to finish the helmet but I want to start texturing! I will update this post soon!

I think I'm done coloring the head. I like how it turned out so I'm not touching it anymore. It was definitely fun experimenting for a good 2 hrs. I will continue the body. If you think this needs improvement, feel free to comment.

Ocquarian Update 3

Oh...the frustration of created the mesh that is seen on the arms and tentacles. I moved everything by hand. I first made the fence-like pattern mesh in Maya then I took it to Zbrush to follow the contour of the underlying body mesh and did a projection of detail  to the mesh. My hand hurts from the repetitive movements. However, I'm pretty pleased with result of the Ocquarian so far. I would say it's about 90 percent done for the sculpt. I still need to finish the helmet piece.

This was a long, frustrating experimental process but I've definitely learned a lot. I will start to texture paint later on today! :D