Waterfall Painting WIP

I wanted to get back into digital painting since I haven't done one in months. Here's my 2 hr painting in Photoshop using Blur's Good Brush set. I also wanted to try out the color swatch script I found on CGHUB.

CGHUB Production 2012 Update 1

I finally started this Production Challenge at CGHUB. I'm using good old Zspheres in Zbrush for a base armature. Since this competition is purely on executing the final concept into 3D, I'll only focus on the artistic aspect which is the sculpture itself. So far I only have one base character out of two. Here's the link to the Challenge.

Pacquiao Update 2

I worked a couple of hours on the subtle details in his face. It's been tough but it's getting better as I work through it. Thanks for the critiques from my buddies. They were helpful :D

Pacquiao Update 1

I haven't posted in awhile but here's what I've been working on... It's been a bout 2 days worth. 
Please critique :D

There are still many errors in anatomy and the wrinkles on the shorts don't make sense. Yes my first post for 2012!