Styracosaurus Update 2

The base mesh is at 6140 tris so far. I think I could optimize it a bit more. The tri count image is in Maya's Viewport 2.0. The other render with no wires is in 3ds Max's Viewport. I'm still playing around with lighting up my model in 3ds Max. So sorry that it doesn't look so great now. I'll pose him later on today using Mudbox 2012's pose tools. I actually really like them. Check them out

This image down below is a problem I was having with viewing my normal maps correctly in the viewport in 3ds Max. I learned from a thread that I needed to change my gamma settings from 2.2 to 1. To change this, go to the menus at the top and then click on Customize>Preferences>Gamma and LUT. There I was able to change the gamma settings.